Drugs don’t fix anything to do with mental and emotional imbalance, they just create complications. I heal people from depression, anxiety, addiction, self sabotage and traumas without drugs!You have your truth, I have mine, and the wheels of the bus go round and round..? Life became a lot easier when I decided to just let others misunderstand me, ACCEPTANCE, has been my lighthouse. Drugs do not cure emotional pain……I now see the larger picture and everything makes perfect sense GOD has divinely pushed me into a new direction which will ultimately serve my highest good. Letting go the comfort zone for a grand reason took patience rather than judgement or approval

In our session I support clients, to just let go of all disempowering habits of thoughts. Everything starts with a thought, 99% of our thoughts are subconscious, which means that the emotional mind will always trump the logic mind STOP addressing the head instead you gotta go deep into the heart. I will support you to open this space. Life and everything we do is a habit.

Addictions create a short term hormonal rush which provides us with connection good or bad. Everyone knows a habit is stemmed from repetition of thoughts. A habit we can’t get rid of is an addiction by creating better HABITS.

Our automatic gets addicted to the chemical rush we experience. Remember, the brain doesn’t know or care about happy or healthy. It is our subconscious automatic pilot that keeps on reactivating those triggers time and time again. It is the triggers, the associations, the belief system we want to address in order to regain peace and balance.

The brain is designed to create a comfort zone in which to keep us protective, safe and the only thing deemed safe for the brain is anything with a track record. So if we have been feeling depressed worried, or anxious for a long time, that will be our default mode your familiar, The chemical balance, the normality our subconscious mind will always bring us back to this unless we rewire/ recode.

Your brain will fight back, put up roadblocks as a last ditch attempt so you keep on keeping on resisting the change. I offer you a sweep technique: a light that moves down through the body and removes all the things you want removed and only the light remains filling you with love, acceptance and peace. Hugs

I am here!

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