Early childhood trauma, difficulties and stresses in the household, the wounds that parents carry and inadvertently pass on to their children, as well as societal and environmental stresses. Drawing on well-documented research in biochemistry, neurology, and physiology, My teacher Gabor ‘connects the dots’ in explaining how these factors influence us and contribute to asthma, heart disease, hypertension, diseases of the gut, cancers, addiction and more. He has taught me to invite us curiosity to explore and understand ourselves and our clients, and through this new understanding, paints a path to begin making the fundamental change that can positively impact the next generation.

I was taught to look at addiction and its impact, both individually and as part of a family. Addiction requires thinking about ourselves and our experiences differently than we have in the past. In our session I ask clients to deeply examine how trauma is passed from one generation to the next. The experiences we have as children stay with us as adults. We heal, and we change our behaviors, only when we become aware of how our traumas have affected us. The concept of perception of self and others, and how our perceptions (and the things that formed them) influence how we experience the world.

CLient learn how the desire to self-medicate discomfort drives addiction. We explore how early childhood experiences affect the development of impulse control and brain pathways that drive addictive behaviors. We then discuss how we break the cycle of addiction as it is passed down through families.

Clients understand addiction is a disease and we unfold as a step-by-step “how to” heal session. In the session clients develop awareness, compassion, and tools for effective healing. Clients become free from understand which is described in their experience as life-changing, profound, and optimistic. Clients get to understand where these behaviors might be hiding, where they came from, and how we can bring greater awareness to them.

Every client makes me better, because self-exploration gained in every session gives me new insights that can enable a deepened sense of connection with clients, with a clearer understanding of how our wounds get in the way of living with peace & joy. By understanding our own self-judgments and practicing self-compassion in letting them go, we free ourselves to enjoy life.

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