When you have low self-esteem or feel unlovable, no external validation can make you feel good enough. A classic example to demonstrate this is Whitney Houston. She appeared to have it all to the outside world. Beauty, fame, fortune.

However, this need for validation from the outside world masked how empty she felt inside. No amount of love and accolades would ever be enough to make her feel lovable. When you don’t love yourself, no amount of love from others can give that to you. When you don’t feel like you matter, no amount of fame and fortune will ever be enough.

I’ve spent the last 17 years understanding how all of our underlying issues stem from not loveable. The good news is that there is an easy solution to all your problems.

Your entire life changes when you learn to love yourself, uncover your fracture, let me bring you back to your core, soyou can live with joy.

Growing up, I felt different—like an outsider. I was searching for home: a place where I could be myself and express everything I had inside me.
Loving myself has helped me find my voice, my vision, and my path to creating work that’s completely unique to me. I’m going to show you the ins and outs of my creative process, give you tools for choreographing your best life ever. I will show you how to create a vision from start to finish, and give you permission to break all the rules so you can shine.
Whether you’re a teacher, mom, dad, student or a creative looking to push boundaries, my session is for you.. But most of all, I want to give you the encouragement and support to find your own voice.
Hope you’re ready—let’s do this, my hand is here! Hugs

I am here

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