Today open your Channel, the alarm that wakes up the magic power inside you. A session with me will tap into your soul so you can feel and express all that energy, feel the pulses, value the magic. A session will allow you to live with more aliveness, give you the power to stand up for what you believe in, feel the pulse of love in what you are doing, being the WAVE. We need each other, alive with love and on fire with passion.

The fastest way out of fear is actually to breathe and become blissful over anticipation for great things to happen for others., Breathing techniques are simple and really calm down the central immune system and release energy of Gaba from the brain. Inhale very very slowly in the nose and exhale very very slowly out the mouth like blowing out a straw. Your breath will slow down after only three times. Your body moves out of fight and flight to a state of relaxation.

How good can it get, say it every day, use your free will, what observation point are you holding at this time. Change of perception is everything. Step back say what is sylvia thinking now, ….…choice to be above the drama, the crisis, the observer effect, as we watch anything, we are in the subjective realm, many minds, it called the mandela effect, What is meaningful now, unity of conscience is a persistent illusion, keep asking how good can it get,

Mindfulness is the cure, the antidote and the food our mind needs to be healthy, what I do can become your magic pill…

If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it enough

MASTER YOUR CONFIDENCE USING NLP a powerful technique that you can put into practice right away to help you literally ‘wire’ self-esteem into your brain. You will also learn about the power of vulnerability and how to feel better on the inside. HUgs

I am here

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