Come home to your authentic self and live your truth. I invite your subconscious to show yourself as you are, with all the trimmings, because that is the complete picture. Just like a diamond you are beautiful, What was once hidden can now show itself and give expression to what was previously unspoken. You do not have to do or prepare anything for this to happen, not at all. We experience what currently wants to rise to the open to the messages of your soul. Because it’s your soul who is in the lead, revealing your inner treasures.

A growing inner strength to (blindly) rely on your feelings and to take the corresponding steps that you are offered from within. You feel strong enough to move through your fears. You acknowledge that that is part of your growth process. You are more determined to choose for yourself and what is important for your soul. You move forward, even if you don’t know where you end up in advance. You then surrender to that which is greater than the understanding of your mind.

A major energetic clean-up on a deep level. Layers that consciously and / or unconsciously feel like a ‘too tight fitting suit’, slowly release their grip so that you can allow and experience inner relaxation. It is precisely that which is ready to be transformed that comes to the surface and is given every opportunity to express itself. This process has a profound cleansing effect on your cellular memory.

A feeling of “Hey, I’m back”. At home in your body, connected to who you are deep inside. That is your anchor point.

Further opening the connection with your multidimensional self, so that high-frequency energy can flow in and help you to unfold the path that suits your soul.

Shift in perception. You will lead your life more and more according to what you feel and know within and you will be less distracted by the ‘convincing messages’ of your mind.

Recognition of who you are. You put yourself first. You respond to what you need. You know that you are responsible for recognizing your own light. That is self-love, the vital nourishment that keeps you in balance.

An enhanced observation capacity. You become increasingly aware of what is going on inside of you, how you feel and what kind of thoughts you have. You are able to adjust faster where necessary. You allow the energies to move through your being instead of suppressing them. In short, you remain more strongly connected to your core, even though it storms occasionally.

A feeling of freedom. You get closer to what you need to live the life that suits you, instead of fitting into the picture of your past, your environment and / or society. That provides relief, satisfaction and inner peace.

Transformation of programs and habits that you have copied from your ancestors and parents, so that you can be freer to walk your own independent path. Thorough grounding clearing, understanding and integration of your higher consciousness into your body. You are strongly connected to your essence and you experience inner decisiveness, focus and firmness.

One session transforms and heals a lot but oftentimes follow-up sessions have proven to ease up the process of release, letting go and transitioning into the new. We let the deep-rooted cause of all that you’re carrying with you unfold, step by step. Also depression, paralyzing fears, psychosis, imbalance in your diet, experiences with bullying, (sexual) abuse and oppression can be treated.

Are you interested in a one-on-one session, you can sign up for the waiting list and as soon as I can communicate new dates, times. Hugs

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