The force is within us and we use it every day of our lives, it is also hidden. It’s not deliberately hidden. It’s hidden only because we haven’t been taught how to recognize it. We don’t see it, yet it is there at all times, in every waking and dreaming moment. 

This force is encoded in every mental image we form. 

What we repeatedly view in our mind’s eye, what we imagine to be true about ourselves, begins to move into our lives. 

Most people use this force randomly. They picture one goal today and another one tomorrow. Because so many people are inconsistent with what they picture, they get average and/or inconsistent results. But the person who consistently pictures the same idea or goal in his or her mind, this person appears to make quantum leaps. Yet, the leaps this person makes aren’t quantum. They are predictable. 

Changing your life by changing your words, your beliefs or self-talk,.

But the biggest key to turning your life around is changing the mental imagery playing inside your mind. If the imagery doesn’t change, no amount of positive self-talk or belief changing will make a difference. 

Many people have been erroneously taught that they are not “visual.” Not true. If you’ve struggled with the idea of visualization in the past, it’s not because you’re not visual. It’s because you were taught a one-size-fits-all approach to it that only works for some people.

Faith is afraid of doubt. It is afraid because it has repressed it. Whatever you repress, you will remain afraid of because it is there inside you, waiting to take revenge. But trust is not afraid of doubt because trust is not against doubt. Trust uses doubt. Trust knows how to use the energy contained in doubt itself. That’s the difference between faith and trust. – Osho

As my clients have found, there is an easier and faster way that brings results. Hugs

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