Good tidings of great love,

Take my hand. Let us walk in the sand together. Feel the sand shift under your bare feet with each step you take. Let the ocean’s roar wash over you. And in the washing, feel it release all the tension—all the negativity dropping away from you—down into the sand beneath your feet. Let it drop down. Let it wash over you. And let the wave wash over you. And as it does, let go. Let go of all your fears, your worries, your concerns. Let negative thoughts flow out of you, into the sand, the all-absorbing sand. The sand absorbs all. Negativity is converted, transformed, by the crystalline energy of the sand.

The sand is like quartz—it absorbs all, transforms all, makes everything new. It cleanses you and refreshes you, it allows you to drop your deepest, darkest thoughts into its welcoming, all absorbing nature. Feel the cleansing release through the bottoms of your feet into the depths of the sand. Each step you take releases one more strand that would hold you back. Each step heals the wounds that have so long afflicted you.Feel the sand absorbing all, sucking away the flow of negativity. And in its place the sun rises upon you and cleanses your every pore and there in the light and the ocean waves and the sand you become Light. You are enlightened, you are emboldened, you are impressed with the positive thought of God and all that is, for it belongs to YOU. It is all yours.The beauty of it all is in every word you say, every word you whisper, every thought you think, every love you feel, every rapture that enthralls you.

The wings of love that take you higher and higher. There is the beauty of it all — where you can dwell amidst the glory of it all. High above the fray that keeps you grounded in turmoil.Walk with me awhile and see that all is good. We can open the door together to the larger life within us all for we are all One and in our Oneness we are all Free – free to create peace, to open compassion, to honor ourselves and each other, to recognize the Light within us that shines through the centuries, through the universe of well-being, through all that is and ever shall be.

Drain yourself of negativity and open yourself to receive the Pure Light. Hugs

I am here

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