Most clients I’ve worked with experienced some form of bullying as a child
?Some from parents, while others from teachers and kids at school
?And it shaped their perspective of themselves, especially their confidence
?Us humans are tribal by nature. The way we survived back in the day was to stick together. So if we were kicked out of or tribe, it meant death
✨We still have that trigger within us, that’s why you’re stuck people pleasing
?You just want to be accepted because rejection feels like death
?Now, you’ve probably had a few clients, who said yes to your offers. But it’s not consistent.
??I want to take you back to your 1st yes.
?Remember that high you got? You felt ecstatic. It felt effortless right? But then what happened?
?You felt guilty, ashamed and not good enough. You started questioning your worth, thinking “omg what if I can’t promise them results”
?”what if I fail”? “what if they don’t like me”? “what if they ask for a refund?”
?So to get rid of those thoughts, you gave extra sessions, overworked yourself just to ‘prove’ you’re good enough
?And then on the next sales call, you reduced your price. But you felt you could’ve asked for more.
?So now you feel resentful and get on the next call with this feeling and get a no. Then you spiral out of control thinking “I’m not good enough” and go back to selling your sessions by the hour
??The way to stop that pattern is to get rid of people pleasing, procrastination and perfectionism
?And I’m going to help you do that, Banish these 3 P’s


We think that we must DO first and then HAVE in order to BE happy. We then get so caught up in all the DOING that we neglect the crucial WELLSPRING of our ability to SUCCEED, where the DOING actually flows from – our BEING. Who we believe we are.

The programming that is running you. This is what dictates your capacity. For anything to become a reality it must first be enthusiastically envisioned as possible.

If seeing yourself living a life of abundance where you can feel beautiful have an amazing quality of life, makes you feel uncomfortable, then you will not be able to create it. Your mind will sabotage you every step of the way in order to keep you within what it believes is available and safe for you.

It’s a bit like trying to run a new app on an old outdated phone. It doesn’t have the capacity to run it. That is what it feels like when you try to run an amazing belief about success on the mindset you have been conditioned with – it will feel very uncomfortable!

I can help you with that ???

In our session we break through your unique blocks.

I have a limited number of spots left before December. Hugs

I am here

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