YOUR WORDS ARE THE MOST EXPENSIVE COMMODITY ON EARTH. Your words can make or break your reality
For example tell a child he’s stupid and he’ll believe it, And because he believes it, he acts upon it
The more he acts on that feeling of stupid, he’ll believe he’s destined to be stupid. That’s how powerful words are, It’s the same with you when you were small, your mind was imprinted with certain words
Most of them were negative they shaped the way you see the world. Right now your mind has a filter that sees the world in one way, while someone else sees the world a completely different way

When I work with clients I can spot what their minds are saying just by the language they’re using
Such as
“I ALWAYS mess up”
“I NEVER get it right”
“I’ll NEVER make it”
“Why am I so stupid”?
Notice the conditionals always and never? Maybe you were told over and over again as a child that you get things wrong
That you’re clumsy
That you’ll never succeed
So you made it your truth………This isn’t your truth, it’s someone else’s.

But because they didn’t understand the power of the words and your mind they didn’t realise their words would have such a detrimental effect,

You CAN change that script in your mind, It starts with becoming aware, I teach my clients how to go back to the root cause for understanding, hugs

I am here

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