Are you at a crossroads in your life and looking for answers?
People everywhere want to trust their hunches more. People want to learn how to do for themselves. Not just reading about other people’s experiences. Are you like that?

Learn to sense aura, fall in love with self
start trusting your intuitive hunches
Strengthen your aura and build a wall to keep vampires away
Send and receive energy, pivot for balance

One of the greatest gifts I have learned this past year is to have an inner diagloue with myself filled with love.

Emotional blunting is living with a numb feeling inside and my clients just want to feel again,.We can each radiate unconditional love once we are able to clear unlimiting beliefs. The flow of love is blocked in moments of hurt, blame, shame, anger, criticism, competition or insecurity. These emotions have dominated our emotional space, and hardly enable us to feel our own love.

So today, we rely on someone else to love us. In our session we learn how to think right, enable self-love, feel it and extend it to other people. Love is within us. Emotions like attachment, expectations, hurt, worry, stress, fear or anger, which we use free yourself from judgments and expectations,start thinking right for people, and as you accept people for who they are, you become a Radiator of unconditional love. Hugs


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