The MOM/DAD/ CAREGIVER your primary attachment figure the way you learned to love is your template for love.
Biologically we are primed for attachment. In this extended state of dependency, we are one big love machine. Because we can’t feed ourselves, walk or talk on our own for almost a year, we literally can’t survive without a mothering (or caregiving) presence.

Babies are cute for a reason, an evolutionary reason. Mother nature ensures our survival by making us irresistibly cute and undeniably taken with our primary caregiver. We are in fact wired to love the one we are with. So baby ( that would be you) is going to make the best of it… with all they got.

So if your one of the lucky ones and you are a mother/Father/Caregiver, all we want for our children is for them to be joyful, successful, & healthy. please know everything you do is the teacher, not only the word but your ACTION. This template etched in your unconscious is the operating system running the show (director, editior, main character)The script from which you speak is what you unconsciously bring into every relationships. This unconscious template, when you are dropped, ignored or dissed by parents, teachers, coaches, or romantic interest you automatically feel… it is your fault.
This isn’t true, but your faulty attachment system is telling you it is true.

How did you get so unlucky?

While some people (who have a different attachment template) might avoid or disengage when faced with an unavailable or not so nice teacher, coaches,partners, this isn’t you. You love, love, love, a project. You go all out as if your life depended on making this work.

What was once rooted in your childhood experience is now buried deep in your unconscious brain telling you dangerous lies. The brain’s primary functions at this stage is to bond, to get acceptance anyway you can. Your attachment system makes you an addict in need of a fix of attention. The amazing things I have learned in the last four years (my lifetime) will emower you and your children on a level upgraded, I love to share so you get understanding and most of all stop giving LOVE to the wrong people!

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