Success Stories

Hi Sylvia.

It was great to talk to you earlier on.

I very much appreciate your continues support and amazing work with my daughter and to me as her mother.

You have connected with me and my daughter immediately .After speaking to you first time, I felt like I can trust you totally and let my very precious girl to be in your more than capable hands.

I was so desperate to find help for my daughter and you were just the right person to meet at the right time.

Your confidence to help my daughter 100% was so reassuring from the beginning. I am so delighted to let you know that my daughter has been much happier since your session. She also thinks that you are so easy to connect and has been an amazing support to her. It is great to know that she can reach you anytime she needs these early days of her recovery. She finds so relaxing listening the recording you send to her and never misses an evening without listening it.

My daughter looked so happy and light the day after your session. It was so lovely to see her smiling and being energetic again after such a long time. It is all thanks to you and your ability to understand people and really find the deep root of the cause which was hurting her so much.

Thanking you is not enough. It was challenging to let my daughter to open her heart and soul to someone I had not met before. I am so glad I did and was brave enough to do that. The result is so amazing that it encouraged my daughter to take her power back and be in charge and so much confidence in myself to do the best again for my daughter and for the whole family. All because of you Sylvia.

I am very much looking forward to having a session myself with you and parenting course as a family. Thank you for being great you Sylvia. We need many kind ,understanding and supportive souls like yourselves in this world.

Your hugs are so nice and comforting. I am sending a big hug to you too.

Hulya, UK

I had a session with Sylvia and it was the most amazing , mind blowing , eye opening experience .
She guided my mind through series of scenes full of symbolism and past and present lives . She made me see how the scenes finally connected.
Even though at the beginning nothing made sense to me, her expert hand guided, i went from awe to confusion, from sadness to happiness and then finally all clicked!! . Like if pieces of a puzzle finally fit together!
I understand now where do issues of my life come from. I’m now looking forward for the new me. The one re-born after this wonderful session.
Cheers to new beginnings !!
I’m always grateful ,
Myra Fernandez

Reference for Sylvia ☺️I found Sylia when she posted about her success with healing ADHD symptoms, and I immediately reached out to her about working with my son who had low confidence, anger outbursts and wouldn’t engage academically at school and try and attempt to read – My son had a lovely session and the recording was exactly what he needed – because the teacher reported back that he was calm in class and attempting all work, and even practices reading at home every morning and night now, and anger outbursts are fading away! WOW
Than I asked her to work with my son again for a fear that came up about getting in the ocean water, which he used to Love – we got a new recording and he loves it, and he had a breakthrough!! He started jumping in the water again and he was so proud that he overcame the fear and remembered all the reasons why he loved the ocean again!!
I couldn’t recommend Sylvia enough, she has a lot of techniques in her toolbox, including a very special technique called “angel whispers” that fills the kids with self esteem and confidence.
She was always available to hear my concerns and her responses were game changing!
Thank you Sylvia, you have greatly impacted our family and I am proud to say that we have reached our goal of creating a harmonious family life 🙂

Bec Diekman, Australia

After one session of hypnosis and 21 days of listening to my recording and being coached and checked in by Sylvia weekly, I must say, how blessed and thankful I am to have made this choice independently. My mind has always over thought and was living in the past. God brought me here, to find peace and accept happiness that he has been trying to offer me all along. Today, I am not perfect. But today, I am at peace and I feel whole again. I am able to trust in myself, in god, and know, that I make good decisions. My journey isn’t over, but I made the choice to take back my peace❤️ I am confident and I am beautiful. I wake up each morning excited about life! Sylvia was a gift from god and I am so grateful to be at peace and happiness🙏🏼 God has Blessed me with so much, and as I get older and wiser, I realized that the greatest gift is peace. God has a plan🙏🏼 I am able to see clear now and take things as they are. I am viewing life with so much love in my heart
Thank you so much Sylvia! You are a gift! I wanted to share my success, because my true happiness is seeing others happy and succeed❤️🙏🏼
I want to thank my husband for always being patient with me. I am so blessed to have such a patient and kind man who never left my side. Always encouraging me to finish what I started. Also, a huge thank you to my family ❤️ even across the country, they never fail to support or be there for me🙏🏼 I’m so grateful to have parents who love me so much, and sisters who I could count on no matter what❤️ I also want to thank my friends! I’m so blessed!

Marina Koloamatangi, USA

Feedback to date has been solid, here are just some kind words from my clients:

“I was super-skeptical if this would work for me because I had literally tried everything and nothing was helping my PTSD… After one session I already feel a huge difference.”

Emma R, New York

“I bought a course on trauma healing didn’t relate to the content. Listening to my own recording made for me all about me really makes all the difference. Thank you so much 🙂

Jessica L, Toronto

“I think the weirdest difference I noticed was that when I was practicing the exercises in 1 day I began to feel my feet again. I realized I had dissociated from my feet for so long.” and most importantly I felt connected to every part of my body!

JaKe R, Los Angeles

“I’ve been trying to heal my PTSD for years. It always felt like I took 2 steps forward and 1 step back.Only one week later and it’s already paid for itself. The information alone was more helpful than anything else I’ve done.”

Matt G, Quebec

Discover how people like you have transformed their life and now feel free, calm, safe, confident and present without fears, numb, anxiety, overthinking and negative thoughts*

Discover how people like you have transformed their life and now feel free, calm, safe, confident and present without fears, numb, anxiety, overthinking and negative thoughts*

I already listened to it. Your voice and words are just amazing Sylvia. You truly are a light and thank you so much for taking the time to show me my light today. Each time I have talked to you, life has gotten easier. I can see things very clearly, something I haven’t been able to say before. I can’t thank you enough.

Tom, USA

Sylvia has helped face my dark side.
I loved her gentle approach.
Im very sensitive but being very intellectual/mental too, i had created so many protections in my mind. I was really entangled. Much more entangled than my ego likes to admit. I didnt want to be hurt, to be rejected, to express and open up with my vulnerabilities, etc.
I did a lot of healing on my own and made a lot of progress, however deep down i knew i needed more help — and im smart enough to tell when i can do it on my own and when i need help, and this time i really needed someone else’s help, someone who was caring, who could melt away the mental rigidity i had created for myself, who could appreciate me, who could see the real sensitive me behind the fake rigid me without me having to say anything.
I knew Sylvia and i reached out to her. I’ve chosen her because she represents precisely what i was looking for. I could have asked for help from other people but i knew that perhaps she was the only one that could help me the way she did.
Now i feel more safer and just overall more relaxed and calm and “ok” being the way i am. I am sensitive. I am sweet. I love to help people.
This is my real me. Thats it. Period. I dont have to say that im something else just to appear in a different way to avoid being hurt and rejected, etc. and all these mental protections whose only purpose is to “protect” you.
In the session with her I’ve liberated repressed anger, “poisonous energies”, and just “generational garbage” i was holding inside mainly absorbed from my parents.
Sylvia can pull out the sensitive and sweet side of you and i love that.
If you know you are very much in your head, thinking and rethinking, and you know that there’s a sweeter person behind those masks and you want to pull that out and be more authentic in your life and relationships, i suggest you talk to Sylvia and im sure she will help you be more loving towards yourself, more compassionate and more sensitive.

  • Giuseppe 🙂

It’s a part of my destiny to connect with Sylvia. Her hypnotherapy and coaching session was so deeply healing. We went straight into the core of my adapted programming that was covering up my true identity. With Sylvia’s expert guidance I was able to see the patterns and make the necessary changes to rewire back into my true authentic self – a woman meant to thrive! It was amazing to access the areas of trauma and limited beliefs that got stuck in my field from past events – this lifetime and others. I saw exactly what happened that caused me to believe I was unworthy and helpless. And now here I am 21 days later, 100x more abundant than I was before with doorways opening and offers being made – and best of all it’s still growing. I’m so proud of myself for taking this step and also doing the mini trance sessions to continue my progress. I am so thankful that Sylvia also continuously checked in on me to see how I was doing and I really felt her encouragement and support because she truly wanted me to thrive. I still feel that so deeply. Sylvia is extremely knowledgeable, gifted and supportive in hypnotherapy. I am so grateful that I’ve been able to work with her. The world is my playground now and I will be dancing 💃🏻🔥

Hema Persaud

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine posted about her experience with hypnotherapy with Sylvia. She had an amazing experience, it almost sounded too good to be true. I reached out to Sylvia for more information. The conversation felt so natural, not at all forced. We spoke a few more times that week and I decided I wanted to give it a try. My entire life I have struggled with anxiety. I have tried talk therapy, anxiety meds, meditation and the anxiety still followed me every single day. The day before my appointment with her she called me and asked a series of questions and Made me feel so comfortable with her. I was so excited for this experience. After the session I went to visit my sister, as we were taking about it I could remember everything that happened and every memory it brought me back too. That night I listened to the tape that she made for me. I can’t even put into words how amazing it was. When I came out of hypnosis I had an intense energy. Nothing can bring me down. I feel amazing. Today is day 5 and I am entirely off my medication. I don’t worry about the small stuff. I see the joy in every single situation. I am truly happy. I love my life and I can’t imagine ever going back to where I was before hypnotherapy. Thank you Sylvia for this life changing experience.

Vanessa, Maine

Below is my testimonial for hypnotherapy. It’s a long read, but it was so worth it to me to write it and maybe my story will help someone. Here it goes…
I did everything. I pushed myself beyond my limits to prove to myself that I am worth something. The only thing I never accomplished was accepting myself.
Forever, I have struggled with feeling not good enough. Feeling not pretty enough, sexy enough, smart enough, outgoing enough, athletic enough, in shape enough, skinny enough. I would constantly tell myself these things, it was an automatic response in my brain. I would compare myself to other women and think, “well if I looked like that I would feel better, I would be happy”.
I joined Americorps in my early 20s, pushing myself to volunteer in rugged terrain thinking “this will make me feel better”. And yes, it did, but it wasn’t long lasting.
I completed nursing school in my early 30s which is one of the toughest programs you can do. I struggled with my preceptorship, not feeling enough. I was proud to have completed school but felt during the first year of being a nurse that I didn’t belong because I wasn’t good enough.
I decided to take a trip to Peru to hike the Inca trail with a group of women I never met. I thought, “this is it! This will make me ME”. While the trip was beyond what I thought the challenge would be, it was amazing and made me feel strong and independent. Shortly after came the feelings again of not being good enough. Why? WHY?
I started antidepressant medication in September of 2019, 33 years old, engaged, but not feeling good enough in my relationship, regardless of him engaging me and telling me he wants to spend his life with me. I felt I couldn’t do it on my own. I went to my doctor, CRIED, almost sobbing in her exam room. I told her, “I know this is crazy because I know my thoughts are not valid, but I can’t stop thinking and believing them”. I was beyond frustrated. Bless her heart, she listened, took the time with me, did not judge me and agreed with me that maybe medication would be a good idea.
The medication helped and eased anxiety, though I dislike taking medications, it’s not something I’m comfortable with and wasn’t planning to take long term. Still, with the medication, I felt not good enough.
I felt I was on the verge of losing my relationship with someone who absolutely loves me without hesitation. I just didn’t understand it because I had never truly loved myself. I felt I wasn’t good enough for love like that so it can’t be possible for someone to love me like that, right?
Then one day, scrolling through Facebook I saw a post from Sylvia Martin about hypnotherapy, new beginnings, and erasing negative thought patterns. I thought, “okay, this HAS to be it”. I contacted her, we spoke for an hour on the phone discussing everything I just said above and she confidently said, “I can help you” with such ease that I believed her and trusted her. It helped that I knew Sylvia from before, growing up in the town she lives in and taking yoga classes from her. I booked a time later that month for my hypnosis session, feeling nervous but excited and a bit relieved. I told my fiance, of course as always, he was supportive.
The day came. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to be hypnotized, Sylvia reassured me not to worry. During hypnosis I went back to situations in my life that have shaped my thoughts. Sylvia would ask me; why do you feel this way, WHY, WHY, until I was able to answer and it became clear. Towards the end of hypnosis, Sylvia talked about my life going forward and that I don’t have to feel these feelings of being not good enough anymore. She discussed me envisioning my life feeling happy, feeling creative, trusting, praising myself, and most importantly feeling proud to be me. When it was over I felt comfortable and relaxed, FREE. Sylvia made a recording for me to listen to for 21 days after the session. During those 21 days I noticed little things that would have bothered me before, I just didn’t care about anymore. I started to feel like ME and okay with being me and proud to be me. I feel good enough now! Sylvia called me 3 times after our session, and answered any questions I had and even just listened when I discussed the little accomplishments I noticed. She made me feel proud of those accomplishments and always always reassured me she’s just a phone call away. During the first week post hypnotherapy I decreased my antidepressant medication in half and am planning to stop the medication once I meet with my doctor. I plan to listen to my recording longer than 21 days and listen to it whenever I feel I need it. It’s like recharging my batteries, recharging myself full of positiveness. I am forever grateful.
I never would have felt comfortable sharing this information before. Now, I don’t care what anyone thinks about how I felt about myself before. If reading my testimonial will help even just one person, that will outweigh any negativity.
This. Changed. My. Life.
Twyla Morris

Thank you Silvia, I untie knots, the ghosts of my past……awe (this is my favorite gift from our session)….Your work is unique, it comes, from your core, from intuition. I loved our session but the coaching was really my magic wand, the knowledge to open a space inside has given me value and purpose: that of knowing ME. My language is now practical. I have overcome so many limitations from your coaching because you make it simple and our session has been all about change in the moments. YOU have been a massive influence on my life and our encounter in 2014 allowed us to stay connected. A time that was very daunting gave me you as a gift. Stay true to you because you are truly remarkable, humble and grounded, just what I needed. My own personal power has drastically transformed the relationships in my life. I’ve had to stand up and create new boundaries everyday after our time together. MY favorite part is I’ve also become closer to others in ways that are very nurturing and beautiful. Now, I’m surrounded by loving and supportive people. It has come from learning how to truly love myself. Warm embrace on your journey to sharing your gifts always grateful…..THANK YOU UNIVERSE for allowing me to”RECEIVE” this amazing gift today!

It been three months and I have been trying to put into words how I feel and share so I can help someone else. I used to lock myself in my bedroom, and cry until I found Syliva and her step by step process. It is like she say “my medicine” just before our session I had that dreaded night where I was sobbing, shaking uncontrollably and I felt like I just can’t do it anymore. My fiancé enters and kneels in front of me (I’m in the corner by this stage) he tries to console me, tells me that it’s going to be okay, he whispers “it will pass darling”. My 10 year old daughter enters next and quietly says “it’s okay mummy, I still love you”. I have lost hope, I have been trying to deal with this shit for over 20 years! I have tried everything I possibly could to “heal myself” everything from counselling, naturopaths, retreats, supplements, specialists, thousands of dollars wasted. I have no more energy, I feel like I’m going crazy; suicidal thoughts flood my mind, I don’t want to live! I pull myself together to message my best friend and tell her I need help. You see, I didn’t want anybody other than my partner to know about my condition because from what I knew, there was no cure, what I now know is if you feel any of these feeling syliva can help, connect with her she will serve you your medicine and it really is made for you all about you!

I was in a very dark place after my pup, Meadow, passed away in April. My life had revolved around hers and when my husband and I had to say our goodbyes once her illness was too far gone, I wanted to curl up and die. For weeks I asked for anyone to listen…I called a suicide hotline, I looked for a therapist and had little luck until my friend suggested Sylvia at Open Spaces for hypnotherapy. After our initial phone conversation I could feel how much she cared and understood my pain-she calmed my soul immediately. The session helped me release so much pain. Listening to the recording ( tailor-made for me) everyday makes me feel better and stronger. It’s like concentrated therapy! I’m very grateful to Sylvia because she helped me love life again!!!!

The best gift I ever got from NLP is myself and my body. I eat healthier (salads, seeds, protein) and I have already reduced weight. Most of my thinking and relationship with myself and with food have changed so much. I have control over my eating, and I feel enough and worthy of having a beautiful sexy body and taking care of it. With hypnosis I got to the root cause of my eating issue and found out I was replacing love with food, to try to fill up the emptiness that I felt inside of me. I was a broken woman who was just trying to keep herself alive. All parts of my life were broken because I was broken inside. It cost me time, pain, stress, and disturbed my peace. I was angry all the time and losing control, I hated myself and my life.
I now feel like a real woman, the beautiful woman who was always hidden inside of me, who is making her life amazing and allowing herself to do what she loves. I could not have done this without Syliva because that method has such a power in transformation and completely changed my life. I am now happy in my body and I find home and harmony inside of me. With NLP & Hypnosis I found the root cause and let it go from my past. I had never considered that the weight could be related to emotion or love. I am able to handle things that I could have never handled before. I have learnt not to let in any negative words in my life. I have my voice and control over my life, and I create my amazing life the way I want it now. Before I felt like those things weren’t available to me, but now all of them are.

Sue, UK

“I am now at peace with my relationship with my father after a lifelong feeling of being rejected by him which filtered into my romantic relationships – attracting people who were unsuitable. I now have a partnership with my wonderful boyfriend and it is so easy and natural after years of difficult relationships.”

  • Sharon W

I continue to be out of my mind joyful and mindful with every conversationOur session has shaken my world up and opened it up in wonderful ways. Thank you Sylvia for the gift of you. I love your humor. Your fun spirit is infectious for sure.” ~ My best, Ellen

After just one session, I was absolutely amazed at how deep & effective it was. It was a massive turning point in my life. Unlike talk therapy, or other modalities, NLP gets to the root of the issue, which for me, was a massive lack of self-worth.

I had tried conventional therapy. It didn’t help because my pattern of thinking never changed, instead I would over complicate the issue by talking non stop about it. It would throw up feelings and thoughts that were not helpful to me., This work got to the root cause of an issue, thankful


One session with Sylvia did more for me than one year of counselling did!…Within a month…I felt calmer and at peace, more compassionate. I tried counselling, breathing sessions, theta healing, reiki, exercise, time with loved ones, travel and prayer to help me recover. I was frustrated that after eleven months, I was not feeling more positive about my life. I initially came to Sylvia with a basic inquiry. I was struck by her directness and commitment to results, with one request of mine: To follow her guidance exactly. Sylvia was very hands-on and attentive, constantly urging me to be careful with the words I was using. This continued post-session as well, demonstrating her commitment to help me build new, more positive, healthier habits to relate to myself and others. Beyond Sylvia’s expertise, her deep care is what stands out the most. She is personally invested in helping people to achieve their goals, seeing it as her purpose and a true honour to serve.”

  • T.T, London, UK

Bye bye to a lifetime of unwanted anxiety, depression, fears and unrestful sleep. Good riddance to merely getting through the day!! WELCOME to the PRECIOUS GIFT of EXCITED ANTICIPATION for life thanks to my renewed healthy unshakeable self-esteem, ever-improving self-confidence and a return to RESTFUL SLEEP that now miraculously replenishes my mind and body (after >25 years of disability due to sleeping disorders) Welcome to peace of mind, joy, amazing personal achievement and astonishingly improved quality of life!!! Welcome to phenomenal transformation!!!

Thanks to the loveable hypnotherapy and the confidence hypnotherapy I feel like my best self. I’ve started the gym since and my flashbacks are actually becoming more manageable. I know the pattern now. I have noticed my relationships are better and also I’ve improved my boundaries of giving too much. I work in a field of disability support work, where compliments about my work have been coming into my boss (who used to bully me) from clients. My life is happier and different. Thank you so much for everything, for changing my life from traumatic to the life I always deserved – a happy one!

Regards, Ellena.”

Thank you Sylvia for your support and opening a space to trust myself again, it was something I did not even realize If you continue to hold a thought it will become a happening this was a powerful understanding I received in a first call and all my life I was terrified of snakes and spiders. I stopped feeding this thought and started trusting myself and life. We all belong without exception, breathing and trusting all is well has been a great help.the full circle understanding was special. Thank you again.
Erin USA

I had tried conventional therapy. It didn’t help because my pattern of thinking never changed, instead I would over complicate the issue by talking non stop about it. It would throw up feelings and thoughts that were not helpful to me., This work got to the root cause of an issue, thankful
Lori, USA

“I just finished my session and my whole body is still tingling! I am amazed at how much was covered in what felt like a very short amount of time, yet how easy it was to follow and understand. Loved it! Thank you Sylvie,
Ann S. UK

“Fantastic knowledge and a loving heart makes for a powerful healing experience Sylvia thinks outside of the box.” Joseph M, Spain

This session helped guide me and I will use it for the rest of my life. I highly, highly, recommend it.” -Lena B, USA

I am 100% confident you are going to be an amazing therapist. Your dedication and conscientiousness has really shone through in our practice sessions. Tiffani C. Texas

Bye bye to a lifetime of unwanted anxiety, depression, fears and unrestful sleep. Good riddance to merely getting through the day!! WELCOME to the PRECIOUS GIFT of EXCITED ANTICIPATION for life thanks to my renewed healthy unshakeable self-esteem, ever-improving self-confidence and a return to RESTFUL SLEEP . Welcome to peace of mind, joy, amazing personal achievement and astonishingly improved quality of life!!! Welcome to my phenomenal transformation.

“Having been constantly bullied and abused as a child, and through my adult years. I have always lived in a place of fear and rejection. until now, Until truly knowing and feeling ‘I Am Worthy” Thank you Sylvia