How” do you think?🤔🤔
You spend 11+yrs in school being taught what to think… but who teaches you HOW to think for a more enjoyable life?

When you look at someone who’s off doing something you would like to… Do you think “Good for them”? Or “It’s not fair”?🤔

When someone has a car you would like… Do you think “I’ll have one like that one day😍”?or “why can’t my car be like that?”?🤔

When you see a couple deeply in love… Do you think “how wonderful seeing them so happy”? or “that won’t last”?🤔

A couple get their dream home… Do you think “well done”? Or “why can’t I have that?”?🤔
How you respond to these things shapes your world… So think🤔 for a minute… Are you loving life? Or are you bitter at it?

Because the world doesn’t owe you a thing and Any bitterness you send out will keep those things you desire out of your reach… your own reactions will keep them from you.
Think🤔 about how you think🤔… it could change your whole world. Hugs

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